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Recycling Initiative Kickstarted by Post 16 Student

Recycling Initiative Kickstarted by Post 16 Student

Post 16 student, Harman approached    Ms Rooke wanting to introduce a more robust recycling process into the school.
Ms Rooke supported the idea and located £300 for Harman to spend on new recycling waste bins.

After careful consideration, Harman has started her recycling initiative with five bins; three for paper and two for mixed recycling (plastic, aluminium, and card).

Harman is now considering where the best location within the school will be for the bins.
As a school we already recycle, with about a third of our waste processed by Tom White wastes recycling plant.

Harman’s initiative will contribute to the overall ratio of recycling. As a school we plan to increase our recycling year on year. The site services team will monitor the use of Harman’s new bins, and if successful we will introduce more special recycling waste outlets within the school.
Well done to Harman, you are a credit to President Kennedy School and to the school environment!