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Year 9 Students Excel In Court

On Saturday 15th March, 12 year 9 students took part in a Mock Trial competition at Coventry Magistrates’ Court. The students had been working hard to prepare themselves for their given role. The students were competing against five other schools from Coventry and Warwickshire. Their preparation could only carry them so far as they were under scrutiny from the other competing schools and therefore had to think on their feet when faced with some quite intense questioning.


The trial played out exactly how a real life trial would, students fitted into roles such as solicitors, witnesses and magistrates. Our very own Asachin played the defendant and performed so well under questioning that he won a prize! Although President Kennedy School was not the overall winner, we were one of three schools to win a prize which was a fantastic achievement. All of the students performed brilliantly and should be congratulated on their decorum throughout the competition.