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Warwick University Education Students Get A Lesson In Outstanding Practice

 Nearly 140 students from Warwick University joined us here at President Kennedy School for two one day seminars this week, focusing on best practice teaching and learning in the classroom. A major part of the programme was dedicated to teaching those students whose first language is not English.


 President Kennedy School has developed a specialised programme for these students to ensure their chance of attainment is as good as any other student who attends the school. This often includes students who arrive at school with little or no English, but who later secure excellent GCSE and A levels grades and move on to university.

Warwick students were given the chance to work with our students and practice our techniques in a classroom environment. Everyone enjoyed being involved in the 1 to 1 lessons  and an exercise where the teachers  were taught a few words in another language by students. All the students involved represented the school superbly. 

This seminar programme has proved very popular; this is the third year running  that Warwick University have requested and funded this conference style event.