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Year 9

               Welcome Presentation from Mrs Sheridan, Director of Year 9


In Year 9 the College focuses on developing students’ personal development and academic skills throughout the year. As part of their learning journey, students will study a broad and balanced curriculum where all students study English, Maths, Science, RE, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Language, Art, PE, ICT, Music, D&T and a STEM project. 
Year 9 is also the year where students make their GCSE Option choices and are given bespoke support and guidance to ensure they are making informed decisions. This process starts in the Spring term and is finalised in the summer term – with students and parents/carers being involved in the process at every step of the way.
Please click on the information on this site to find out some information on what current options are available for students to choose from. However, please be aware that this may change when your child is at the stage of making their decision.
As always, if there are any questions or issues around Year 9 or their Options process then please do contact the email below –