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Student Careers Advice & Guidance

Post 16 Students benefit from the advice and guidance offered by a fully qualified on-site careers advisor who works closely with students throughout the school to ensure planning for careers starts early. This ensures that our students make the right subject choices and gather the necessary experience required to fulfill their aspirations.

Wider opportunities at Post 16 Select 

The following links may be useful to students:

The National Careers Service
Telephone number 0800 900100

The National Careers Service web site. It is very good if you want advice on any aspect of Careers. It also has useful tools such as a C.V template which is really easy to use. There is also a Skill Check and an opportunity to e-mail an adviser with specific queries.

Routes to professions programme’ University of Birmingham 

  • Law 

  • Engineering 

  • Medicine 

  • Dentistry 


Realising Opportunities – University of Warwick 


Pathways to Law – University of Warwick 


Pathways to Banking and Finance – University of Warwick 


Medicine taster course – University hospital Coventry & Warwickshire 

Medicmentor Conference 


Social mobility foundation 


ARUP work experience 

Work experience week in July 

Apprenticeship Evening over 20 providers (November) in school. 

Apprenticeship event ICC