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College Structure

President Kennedy School College Structure

On entry to the school students belong to The Bridge our Year 7 college. Each year, students move up to a new college. At the end of year 7 they move up to the Gateway, a college which specialises in the needs of our Year 8 students. Each college provides the level of support and guidance and academic rigour required at each and every stage of the student’s development.

The college system supports the academic progress process of students and provides enrichment experiences through supporting charities and taking part in various sporting and intellectual events. Various college events and competitions take place throughout the year and all pupils have the opportunity to represent and support their college. Students have the opportunity to support and help develop their college ethos through the role of Student Ambassadors.

The Bridge – Year 7 College

  • College Director: Mrs J Alexander
  • Progress Leader: Mr C Townsend
  • College Manager: Miss A Burgwin
  • Literacy and Numeracy: Mrs M Potts

The Gateway - Year 8 College

  • College Director: Mrs R Wilkinson
  • Progress Leader: Mr E Drakeford
  • College Manager: Mrs K Sandhar

Year 9 College

  • Acting College Director: Miss L Harris
  • Progress Leader: Miss R Darke
  • College Manager: Miss R Bal

Year 10 College

  • Acting College Director: Mr C Dalton
  • Progress Leader: Mr D Moroney
  • College Manager: Mrs A Brooks

Year 11 College

  • College Director: Mr A Fogarty
  • Progress Leader: Mr A Sheridan
  • College Manager: Miss S Bartley

Post 16 – Years 12-13

  • Acting College Director: Mr A Farrell
  • Leader of Careers: Mrs K Rawlins
  • Leader of Enrichment: Mr B Finlayson
  • College Manager: Miss M Sly