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December 2020

  • Langar Aid Christmas Present Donation

    Published 16/12/20

    Langar Aid have been collaborating with Year 8 and 9 at President Kennedy School and the Family Hub in Coventry. The family hub model is an approach to the delivery of early help services centralised around a building, where several different services providing information and support to families, children and young people are based. They will provide early help and support for families, children and young people aged 0 – 19 years up to age 24 where a young person has a disability.

    The two main centres Langar Aid will distribute the toys and gifts to are 'The Pathways Families Hub' in Radford and 'The Mosaic Families Hub' in Tile Hill.

    Students at President Kennedy School had to apply to become Charity Ambassadors. Qualities required to do this included being involved in fundraising activities in Year 7 and 8.

    They drove a strong campaign throughout the school by making posters to promote this important cause as well as speaking about it during tutor period. 

    Once they received the huge number of kind donations which comprised of unused gifts from across the whole school, including staff and families in the local community, they set upon the task of wrapping them all!



     After this, Year 9 students Arichana Ramanan, Stefanie Gazova, Tanishaka Siva, Millie O’Docherty and Year 8 students, Leona Farman, Macy Bradley, Ruby Butcher and Eliza Lesina all received an award to recognise the work they did for the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.


    Langar Aid received the Queens award by Supporting the Vulnerable and Promoting equality by following the Sikh principle of sharing Food.





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  • President Kennedy School is Christmas Tree Ready!

    Published 15/12/20

    Were they aware?

    'Twas the days before Christmas, when all through the school,
    Students were behaving,  not one broken rule!
    The tree in reception was looking quite bare,
    A phone call to the Bridge, "Were we aware?"

    When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
    Mrs Wilson's English group who've worked hard this year,
    So down to the main door (walking sensibly) they flew,
    With masks, antibac and a box of decs too.

    They spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
    Such an honour to do so, not a task they would shirk, 
    Covered in tinsel and baubles, a much better sight,
    (though Elf and Safety would not let them reach the full height).

    Job done they stopped and took in the view,
    And posed for some photos, like this one shared with you, 
    And I heard them exclaim, as they went back to class,
    Happy Christmas to all, and a new year better than last!


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  • The Bridge Garden

    Published 07/12/20


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  • Plastic-Reuse Revolution

    Published 07/12/20

    In Year 8 we were lucky to have an external online presentation from Ben Morison the founder of the Flipflopi project.

    With his team,  a boat was constructed entirely from recycled plastics and then went onto sail around the coast of Kenya to raise awareness of the issue of single use plastics.

    For more information on this amazing project visit:

    Here are a few pieces of feedback from talk from students Nayan Mattu, Amelia Frisk and Kabinaya Thayantham.

    'It was really good. It was really interesting to hear what he had done.'

    'It was nice to see someone who had a dream when they were younger. It was good to see them follow through with it.'

    'I am intrigued to know what the next boat would look like.'

    Here is a photo of the boat on it's first expedition......



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December 2020