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Smart Learners Give Back to Local Community

Here at Smart Learner driving school, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, hence our Going Green Project! Throughout 2021/2022, we plan to take steps towards becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly company.

Smart Learner Driving School has estimated that we release approximately 10 tons of CO2e into the atmosphere, per instructor.

We currently have 50 instructors, as a result, we emit around 500 tons of CO2e into our atmosphere! In order to combat this and offset our carbon emissions, SmartLearner will plant 10 trees per instructor. This is as a tree absorbs 1 tonne of CO2e per lifetime. 
We are a business that strives for a cleaner, greener, and better future. 


List of people in attendance along with Deputy Head of President Kennedy School, Mrs Rooke were:

Tommy Sandhu, Darryn Majury, Rafiel Aguila and Nuneaton Lions Club members