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National Final of the 'Youth Speaks' Debating Competition

The President Kennedy School team performed at the National Final of the 'Youth Speaks' debating competition on Sunday 21st April. Alisha, Mason and Isla made it through the district, regional and cluster final at previous stages of the competition. 

They went on to represent the Midlands at the national competition. Here, they competed against schools from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with their debate on Cancel Culture. The team won second place with their outstanding teamwork and high-quality debate. 

Isla also won best chairperson out of all the contestants due to her excellent control of the debate and warm and engaging talk. 

It was a fantastic day, with members of the Coventry Rotary Club and Ms Rooke and Mr Lane going along to support the team. 

The team are now looking forward to using their debate experience for school projects in future.

Ms Rejali, Teacher of Religious Education and Leader of Personal Development in Post-16