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Post 16 Students Win First Place in Debating Competition

On Friday 2nd February, Mason, Isla and Alisha represented President Kennedy School in the Youth Speaks debating competition, hosted by the Rotary Club. 

The team competed against seven other secondary schools in Coventry and Warwickshire with a debate on the topic of ‘Cancel Culture.’ 

The team discussed whether cancel culture provides a service in ensuring accountability in society, or if it is a detriment to mental health. 
Isla was the chairperson who introduced and summarised the debate, whilst Alisha proposed that cancel culture was helpful and Mason the team with the opposing argument. 

The President Kennedy School team won first place, with judges commenting that students performed an engaging debate with a sophisticated line of argument. The judges were impressed by each student’s confidence and their ability to captivate the audience with their enthusiasm and big smiles. 

The team will go onto compete in the district finals on Sunday 11th February.

Ms Rejali, Teacher of Religious Education and Leader of Personal Development in Post-16