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We are Ofsted Outstanding!!!

This is a truly wonderful achievement and one which, as a President Kennedy School community, we should all be proud of. However, Ofsted are experienced in their understanding that this achievement is not just about what they see over the two days.

What this judgement and report captures is what has been achieved over a period of time. It is incredibly challenging to achieve Outstanding in every category and Ofsted have recognised the unwavering contribution of the hard-working staff. Staff who never waver in their dedication and ambition for the students they so deeply care about. It also recognises the wonderful community we serve and the incredible students who we have the pleasure of teaching, guiding, and watching grow into wonderful young people.

Although Outstanding is an incredible achievement, we are an ambitious school and will continue in our relentless drive to deliver the best education possible and remain committed to constantly seeking to improve all that we do. We hope that you will continue to support us in this journey. On behalf of the staff and governors at President Kennedy School, thank you for the ongoing support for what we try to achieve every day for our students; we could not do this without you as parents/ carers.

I hope you enjoy reading this report and take great pride in being part of this special community; I know we do.