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Asian Cultural Festival

The Undivided Club recently put on an Asian cultural festival. This is the second annual festival planned by these talented students.

Once again our incredible MCs Hannah Richards and Deja Bailey kicked off the event with a beautiful showcase of cultural clothing in our fashion show. The fashion show was a demonstration of what our club Undivided, stands for; students from all cultural backgrounds working together to represent Asian cultural clothing with pride. 

With the support from Ms Rooke and our leadership team we were able to make the event free for all students and members of our community. Guests were able to enjoy the delicious food provided by Tandaks Punjabi street food. 

The event allowed us to highlight the exceptional talent from our students with a number of dance performances. Students in Undivided were incredibly supportive of one another and created a heart-warming celebration of culture. Their talent and dedication was truly inspiring. 

We thank each and every student and member of staff that helped the event grow into something special. Events like this demonstrate the values of our outstanding school. Miss Rooke says it best "There is no unity without Community". When we come together in this way and represent the diverse culture we have in our school, we get to celebrate and appreciate each and every student in our school community in the most special way. 

An extra special mention should go out to all of the students involved from the models to the performers! 
Hannah, Deja, Gurjot, Maryam, Jenny, Sienna, Jia K, Preet, Jasmine, Ria G, Abshara, Shanaa, Simrit, Balreen, Jiya C, Sableen, Sheza, Farah, Amelia, Jinuya, Miraje, Azeem, Rochan, Fares, Katie, Aaron, Presley, Maria, Shanice, Stefania, Meera, Anaika, Bella, Harman, Kimberly, Pari, Nikita, Annika, Jeremiah, Jasmitha, Kelly, Kajol, Prabnoor, Jeyani, Shobia, Sherone, Thashwin, Anu and Shayana. 

We are always open to welcome new members into 'Undivided' which takes place Monday after school. We have big plans and more events to not miss out! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Miss Mattu and Miss Marshall