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Zak - Harvard Bound!

On the 31st of December 2021, I officially sent off an application to Harvard. After just over 3 months of waiting, a big red box appeared on my application screen: “There has been an update to your application status.”. Then, with one click, the box changed and was replaced by “#Congratulations2026”.

I had just been accepted to Harvard!

Having been accepted on April 1st, it was only 3 weeks later until I first stepped into Harvard square, for 'Visitas', the accepted student weekend. I was able to meet classmates, current students, and faculty; I was also fortunate to take a tour around Widener Library and attend lectures!

My application to Harvard stemmed from my desire to keep breadth and depth integrated within my studies. While I still applied to the UK for mathematics, and I still aspire to obtain a degree (a major in America) in mathematics, I also aim to gain another qualification in history to show my passion and versatility in both STEM and humanities. I cannot wait to spend the next 4 years of my life as a Harvard student, continuing to learn and experience things I never previously saw possible!