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  • Coventry Youth Speaks Competition

    Published 28/02/23

    Congratulations to our Year 12 Public Speaking team who claimed first place at the Coventry Youth Speaks competition beating 7 other Coventry schools. Esha Sandhu, Harman Aujla and Harveen Kaur debated the topic, "The jury system is fundamentally flawed in reaching a just verdict". Their 15 minute presentation was flawless throughout and had the audience at Sidney Stringer school transfixed. Well done girls and they can now look forward to the next round with confidence.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mr.Finlayson, Leader of Enrichment

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  • Music Showcase

    Published 14/02/23

    On Tuesday night President Kennedy School held it's first Music Showcase since 2019. Students across all years showcased their talent; starting with a Year 7 Samba percussion piece, followed by a variety of modern pop classics including Nirvana and Amy Winehouse, to a jazz ensemble and classical pieces. All students have worked incredibly hard to get to this point - some had only started playing their chosen instruments at the beginning of the year! 

    The music department would like to thank every student and member of staff involved in the Music Showcase for their hard work and commitment. The event was received with rapturous applause, the performances were truly inspirational!
    A wonderful evening from our talented musicians. Thank you!                                                         

    Mr Channer, Leader of Music

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  • Teacher of MFL (French or German)

    Published 14/02/23

    For more information and to apply, please click here.

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  • Safer Internet Day 2023 - Tuesday 7th February

    Published 06/02/23

    Safer Internet Day 2023

    Safer Internet Day 2023 is on the 7th of February 2023, with celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations. about life online’. 

    Top Tips for Parents and Carers

    This Safer Internet Day make space for….

    Make space for regular conversations about life online

    Talk openly and frequently about what you are doing online and encourage your child to do the same. Talk about the positive experiences you can have online, share what you have done when you have come across content you did not want to, and how you dealt with the situation.

    Make space for enjoying and exploring the online world together!

    Play games, watch videos, and express an interest in your child’s online life. Celebrate all the opportunities that technology has to offer and show them what a great space the internet can be when used responsibly.

    Make space for working as a family to agree expectations for going online

    Talk to your family about the role technology plays in your lives. Establish rules and expectations that encourage meaningful use of technology, in the same way you set boundaries in other areas of your children’s lives. It’s important to review these regularly and adapt them for each member of your family.

    Make space for learning about the apps, games and websites your child is using

    There are lots of tools and guides to support you with keeping your child safe on whatever apps, games and websites they are using. Research age ratings, privacy settings, and safety features (like the block and report button) so that you are best placed to help your child should anything go wrong.

    Make space for supporting and reassuring your child if things go wrong

    Remind your child they can talk to you about anything. If something goes wrong, listen and respond with reassurance and kindness and stay calm. Work with your child to find solutions to the problem, perhaps by using the block and report tools or seeking advice from school or organisations such as internetmatters.

    Mr R. Beattie

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

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  • Teacher of English Vacancy

    Published 06/02/23

    For more information and apply, please click

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  • President Kennedy School on the The One Show - 7pm Tonight!

    Published 25/01/23

    To mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 27th January, tonight's edition of The One Show is presenting a piece that was filmed at President Kennedy School Coventry with Holocaust survivor Peter Lantos

    Tune in tonight at 7pm, BBC1 

    Missed it? You can view it here:

    For more about the work our students and Rob Bromfield who created the Echo Eternal garden, have done with Peter, please click on the link below:

    Peter Lantos Returns to President Kennedy School

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  • Teacher of Health & Social Care Vacancy

    Published 25/01/23

    To find out more about the role and to apply, please click here

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  • Culinary Treats to Celebrate the Chinese/Lunar New Year

    Published 23/01/23

    The kitchen staff were busy on Thursday preparing for the Chinese/Lunar New Year by treating staff and students with a special Chinese menu. 

    The cuisine included: vegetable stir fry, salt and pepper chips, Chinese chicken curry and sticky hoisin chicken.
    Both staff and students agreed that this was a lovely way to celebrate the advent of this prosperous occasion. Gong hei fat choy!

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  • Rotary Club Of Coventry, Coventry Community Award

    Published 17/01/23

    Student Leadership and Character teacher, Mrs Arnett was thoroughly overwhelmed to receive the Rotary Club Of Coventry, Coventry Community Award. 

    She said: 

    "I am very lucky to have the opportunity in my role at President Kennedy School, in The Bridge, to work so closely with The Student Council which allows me to facilitate lots of Community based initiatives. It is a passion of mine to encourage and foster the Community Spirit in all of us and actually being recognised for it makes me feel so proud and priviledged. Thank you"

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  • Music Showcase in February...come and see our talented students perform!

    Published 12/01/23

    A musical showcase featuring our talented bands, soloists, vocalists, percussion, woodwind and brass!

    Tickets on sale soon from Mr Channer - Adults £3 Child £1

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  • Peter Lantos Returns to President Kennedy School

    Published 15/12/22


    President Kennedy School was privileged to welcome Holocaust Survivor Professor Peter Lantos to the school to film a short piece that will be aired on the BBC One Show in late January.  As part of the Echo Eternal Project that the school have been engaged with since 2017, the school was gifted the testimony of Peter that was transcribed from an interview with journalist Natasha Kaplinsky.  

    Peter was transported to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp as a young child and repeated the journey after retiring from his role leading research in Neuroscience at King’s College. As part of a creative arts piece, supported by the Royal Conservatoire in Birmingham, students created a film that can be seen on YouTube entitled ‘Make the Best out of the Worst’, based on their engagement with Peter's testimony.  
    Please follow link to view
    The school also, as part of a ‘Sharing Pledge’ within the Echo Eternal Project, created an ‘Echo Eternal Curriculum Garden’ in memory and celebration of Peter's testimony and prison number at Bergen-Belsen, 8431.  
    The design and planning of the garden was centred on elements of Peter's testimony, the centrepiece of which is a Cherry tree that Peter remembers in his garden as a child.  

    Hays Education, who sponsored the Echo Eternal Project, gifted the tree to the school and it was planted in the Summer of 2022 by Peter and President Kennedy School Gardener Rob Bromfield.  Rob and Peter have since become friends and correspond regularly, sharing the progress of the garden through the seasons.

    The visit on the 30th November was organised by the book publisher, Scholastic.  Peter wrote his first book, Parallel Lines: A Journey from Childhood to Belsen in 2006.  In January 2023, Peter, in association with Scholastic, is publishing a child's version, 'The Boy who Didn't Want to Die'.  The book describes an extraordinary journey, made by Peter, a boy of five, through war-torn Europe in 1944 and 1945. Peter and his parents set out from a small Hungarian town, travelling through Austria and then Germany together. Along the way, unforgettable images of adventure flash one after another: sleeping in a tent and then under the sky, discovering a disused brick factory, catching butterflies in the meadows - and as Peter realises that this adventure is really a nightmare - watching bombs falling from the blue sky outside Vienna and learning maths from his mother in Belsen. 
    All this is drawn against a background of terror, starvation, infection and, inevitably, death, before Peter and his mother can return home.  

    On his visit to President Kennedy School, Peter read to Year 7 students and answered questions.  He was then reunited with Lily Marsden and Erin Ford from Year 12, who participated in the original project when they were in Year 8 and met Peter in the summer.  Peter then chatted with Rob and toured the garden, all filmed for the BBC One Show.  
    The date when the film will be aired will be communicated with the school community once confirmed by the BBC, however, it is intended that this will be on Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 27th January 2023.  Watch this space.......!                                                                      
                                                                             Mr Mort, Director Futures Teaching Alliance


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