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  • Smart Learner Driving School - Blackcurrant Bushes

    Published 11/04/24

    Smart Learner Driving School continue to support the development of the Echo Eternal Curriculum Garden at President Kennedy School with more planting work completed recently.

    Following on from the fifty flowering cherry trees that are establishing themselves in the garden, the fruit tree orchard comprising of ten apple trees is starting to show plenty of new spring growth. We now also have twenty blackcurrant 

    bushes which have been planted in the garden.

    Smart Learner Driving School have a commitment to offset their carbon footprint by way of providing trees and bushes to local organisations.

    All of these trees and fruit bushes that have been planted will assist with this commitment. These trees and bushes will provide a lasting legacy for future generations to both enjoy and provide a healthier environment.

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  • World Book Day / PKS Literacy Festival

    Published 18/03/24

    We are thrilled to share that the first-ever two-day 'President Kennedy Literature Festival' took place on Thursday, March 7th (World Book Day) and Friday, March 8th. The festival was a huge success, with our students experiencing an enriching literary event. 

    We were honoured to have special guests Coventry Poet Laureate John Bernard and international author Bali Rai visit our school to inspire our students. 
    Every child in Key Stage 3 had the opportunity to attend a talk or workshop with one of these renowned speakers. A copy of Bali Rai's book was given as a memento to every student in Year 7, and they all had the opportunity to have their copy personally signed by Bali himself. 

    John Bernard hosted a lunchtime open mic session on World Book Day, showcasing the talent and creativity of our students - the atmosphere was electric! Festival stalls were set up for students to explore, featuring quizzes, competitions, and valuable career advice from a visiting lecturer from Coventry University. 

    The festival was filled with celebrations as our students showed remarkable engagement, creativity, passion, and PRIDE throughout the event. 
    We are incredibly proud of their hard work and enthusiasm.                                                    

    Mrs Jones, 
    Assistant Headteacher and Subject Leader of English 

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  • Barclay's Life skills​​​​​​​

    Published 27/02/24

    On the 20th February, students from Post-16 took part in a workshop run by Barclay's Life Skills.

    In the Post 16 tutor curriculum we have been focussing on how to successfully prepare for job applications.

    We have spent time this week looking at how to write a cover letter, and the workshop supported this by unpicking how to write an effective CV.

    Students saw examples of CVs (good and no so good!) and have now been given the tools to write their own CV.

    Mrs Mitchard, College Director of P16

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  • RE Youth Speaks - Regional Senior Competition

    Published 27/02/24

    RE Youth Speaks - Regional Senior Competition

    After winning the Youth Speaks District debating competition, the President Kennedy School team moved on to compete in the Regional Senior Competition, held at Campion School on Sunday 11th February. 

    Isla, Mason and Alisha debated on the topic of ‘Cancel Culture.’ They competed against five schools from around Warwickshire.

    It was a fantastic event with each team putting forward convincing debates. President Kennedy School once again secured first place at the competition. Judges remarked that the team impressed them with their memorisation of the debate, their definitions of ‘cancel culture terminology’ and the statistics and examples they use to support each side of the discussion. 

    The team will be now moving on to compete in the next round of the competition

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  • Post 16 Students Win First Place in Debating Competition

    Published 08/02/24

    On Friday 2nd February, Mason, Isla and Alisha represented President Kennedy School in the Youth Speaks debating competition, hosted by the Rotary Club. 

    The team competed against seven other secondary schools in Coventry and Warwickshire with a debate on the topic of ‘Cancel Culture.’ 

    The team discussed whether cancel culture provides a service in ensuring accountability in society, or if it is a detriment to mental health. 
    Isla was the chairperson who introduced and summarised the debate, whilst Alisha proposed that cancel culture was helpful and Mason the team with the opposing argument. 

    The President Kennedy School team won first place, with judges commenting that students performed an engaging debate with a sophisticated line of argument. The judges were impressed by each student’s confidence and their ability to captivate the audience with their enthusiasm and big smiles. 

    The team will go onto compete in the district finals on Sunday 11th February.

    Ms Rejali, Teacher of Religious Education and Leader of Personal Development in Post-16

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  • Shrek Jr - Year 7 Perform to a Packed Auditorium

    Published 05/02/24

    Year 7 students took to the stage in Shrek Junior - The Musical.

    They worked so hard and showed such passion and determination. The cast performed to a sell-out audience over two nights and every student involved rose to the occasion.

    There was much talent on stage - it was hard to believe these students are eleven and twelve years old with only a few week’s worth of rehearsals under their belt!

    A massive well done to all - a proud Performing Arts department!

    Miss Walsh, Leader of Performing Arts

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  • We are Ofsted Outstanding!!!

    Published 23/01/24
    This is a truly wonderful achievement and one which, as a President Kennedy School community, we should all be proud of. However, Ofsted are experienced in their understanding that this achievement is not just about what they see over the two days.
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  • Shrek - The Musical Jr!

    Published 16/01/24

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  • Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch

    Published 21/12/23

    On Wednesday 13th December, President Kennedy School hosted a festive Christmas lunch for Senior Citizens in our community. Our guests enjoyed a very tasty Christmas lunch and also participated in a few games of bingo. 

    During the lunch guests were entertained by our fabulous President Kennedy School choir who performed a number of festive favorites. The event was organised by Year 13 students Codie Cannell and Jordan Isaac who were assisted by the Year 7 College Council who served the meals in a very professional manner and enjoyed having a chat with our guests.  
    It really was a lovely afternoon.

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  • Asian Cultural Festival

    Published 20/12/23

    The Undivided Club recently put on an Asian cultural festival. This is the second annual festival planned by these talented students.

    Once again our incredible MCs Hannah Richards and Deja Bailey kicked off the event with a beautiful showcase of cultural clothing in our fashion show. The fashion show was a demonstration of what our club Undivided, stands for; students from all cultural backgrounds working together to represent Asian cultural clothing with pride. 

    With the support from Ms Rooke and our leadership team we were able to make the event free for all students and members of our community. Guests were able to enjoy the delicious food provided by Tandaks Punjabi street food. 

    The event allowed us to highlight the exceptional talent from our students with a number of dance performances. Students in Undivided were incredibly supportive of one another and created a heart-warming celebration of culture. Their talent and dedication was truly inspiring. 

    We thank each and every student and member of staff that helped the event grow into something special. Events like this demonstrate the values of our outstanding school. Miss Rooke says it best "There is no unity without Community". When we come together in this way and represent the diverse culture we have in our school, we get to celebrate and appreciate each and every student in our school community in the most special way. 

    An extra special mention should go out to all of the students involved from the models to the performers! 
    Hannah, Deja, Gurjot, Maryam, Jenny, Sienna, Jia K, Preet, Jasmine, Ria G, Abshara, Shanaa, Simrit, Balreen, Jiya C, Sableen, Sheza, Farah, Amelia, Jinuya, Miraje, Azeem, Rochan, Fares, Katie, Aaron, Presley, Maria, Shanice, Stefania, Meera, Anaika, Bella, Harman, Kimberly, Pari, Nikita, Annika, Jeremiah, Jasmitha, Kelly, Kajol, Prabnoor, Jeyani, Shobia, Sherone, Thashwin, Anu and Shayana. 

    We are always open to welcome new members into 'Undivided' which takes place Monday after school. We have big plans and more events to not miss out! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Miss Mattu and Miss Marshall

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  • Duke of Edinburgh Youth Ambassador

    Published 07/12/23

    "I am currently a DofE UK Youth Ambassador. This role involves helping to ensure that DofE is as inclusive as possible. 

    Throughout my time as an ambassador I have had the opportunity to develop fantastic skills, participate in workshops and attend incredible events. I applied as a Bronze Award holder and the application process involved written and visual submissions. For example I reflected on my DofE experience by submitting both a video as well as some written responses. Following this I attended a virtual interview and shortly after was accepted onto the programme and attended a welcome session virtually.

    My role began in June, and so far, I have had the chance to participate in certified 'BodyTalk' training and, as a result, being accredited in public speaking by the prestigious company. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in a motivational workshop led by Darren Edwards regarding his charity work as an inspiring adventurer and even received a signed copy of his book “Strength Through Adversity“. 

    I am really passionate about inclusivity within the award, and hope to ensure that all young people feel that the award is accessible for them. Therefore, I have attended many focus groups ranging from those facilitated by the 'Countryside Code, Mind' in order to ensure the award is inclusive. 

    This has been a great chance for me to reflect on my DofE journey, but also an opportunity for me to gain a greater understanding of how everyone’s DofE experience is unique and individual to them. I even had the chance to attend a focus group regarding the design of DofE merchandise and helped to ensure the design was applicable to young people.

    Last month, I had the chance to attend media training facilitated by the DofE media team, and will potentially get the chance to feature on a local radio station or newspaper following this workshop. 

    My work with the 'Countryside Code' will even involve some creative surprises that will be announced in the coming months. 
    I have also had the chance to be on the judging panel for the 'Trailblazer of The Year Award' at the 'This is Youth Awards 2023', which was a great achievement. It was particularly important to me to ensure young people’s inspiring work was appreciated through this opportunity and the panel also had some amazing individuals, such as The Baroness Grey. 

    In early November, I had the opportunity to attend the DofE Beyond CV: 'Youth Without Limits Live' event at Google HQ,  
    as a DofE ambassador. This event involved creative workshops regarding the way in which DofE is so much more than a sentence on your CV, and instead the skills you develop are transferable within employment. 

    This professional networking event was an opportunity to hear from those most successful in their field, listening to keynote speakers such as Tim Campbell from The Apprentice. 

    In addition, there were live panel events held involving workers from Google, London Fire Brigade and Amey. Personally, I found this incredibly interesting as I volunteer at my Local Fire Cadets, progressing through the ranks to an instructor, as part of my Silver DofE. Therefore, I really resonated with the fire-fighter from London Fire Brigade who wants to truly ensure inclusivity is present throughout the brigade. Most amazingly though, I was able to be involved in a presentation at Google HQ alongside other ambassadors in front of over 300 people regarding personality types. This was an incredible chance to develop my public speaking skills and confidence but also an amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with other ambassadors. 

    I am currently attending mental health awareness workshops as part of my role and will hopefully be receiving mental health first aid training in the near future. In May next year I will have the opportunity to attend the Gold Award Ceremony in Buckingham Palace as an ambassador, which is very exciting and an opportunity I am definitely looking forward to."
                                                                                                                                                                                 Gracie Fitzsimons, DofE Ambassador 

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  • Year 7 Performs Macbeth

    Published 30/11/23

    The Macbeth cast from The Bridge had a wonderful day on Monday 27th November at The Belgrade Theatre. 

    They experienced a professional Technical and Dress Rehearsal in the morning for their production of Macbeth and participated in a workshop with a professional director in the afternoon. 

    The workshop really helped develop their character roles and gave them lots of confidence for the performance on the very same evening.
    Feedback given on the night was fabulous! 

    Ruth from The SSF said,      
    " The Macbeth cast approached the production with maturity, landed their lines with clarity and projection and showed excellent characterisation. The ensemble was 'tight' and they worked well together as a team." 
    A great success - Well done!

    Mrs Arnett, Student Leadership and Character - The Bridge

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