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'Star' Student To Star Wars?

Congratulations to Post 16 student Sonali who has made it through the first two audition stages, and has significantly increased her chances, to land a major role in the latest instalment of the Star Wars trilogy. The Star Wars casting team opened auditions to the public and have been looking for a young woman to play the street smart, strong character ‘Rachel’ in their upcoming movie. UK casting agent Kate Bone told the BBC: "We are doing this to find someone who might not have necessarily gone to drama school. They don't have to have acting experience - just the right look and then we can see if there's any talent there."

Sonali describes her experience so far: "Waking up at 3am to leave for the Star Wars audition in Manchester was definitely worth it! When I arrived, there were already at least 1000 people ahead of me. After a long wait, I arrived to the first stage of the audition. A man who appeared to be a 'security guard' asked me several questions and the next thing I knew I was told to follow a separate queue, where I was further told that I had made it through to the next stage! I was then interviewed by the casting directors. Although the wait was tense, the conversation was friendly and I felt really comfortable. I was asked questions about my acting experience, what my lifestyle is like and the character that I would most like to play from any film or theatre production. I am now in the process of filming my audition tape which I have been asked to submit. I didn’t for one second think I would get this far! I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Butler and Hayden in year 12, for helping me create my audition tape! Overall, it has been a significant learning experience. Now it's just fingers crossed that I hear back from them!".