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Post 16 Anatomical Workshop At University Hospital

On Saturday 18th of May, 11 Post 16 students attended an “Anatomy Academy” course designed to  increase their knowledge about the structure and  function of the entire human body. All of the students are studying either Biology and or Health and Social Care, and so this experience greatly helped to  enhance their existing knowledge about how the body works.

During the session, the students were shown actual human body parts from people who have donated their bodies to Science after their death. The different parts (e.g. an arm, leg, thorax, head etc.) have been   prepared to show different layers and parts of the body and preserved using a technique called “plastination”. Students worked through 14 stations, each showing a  different part of the human body, and were given extremely detailed anatomical information from the Medical Students who were demonstrating each part.

Students also learned a huge number of complex anatomical terms used to describe different movements, aspects and positions of the body parts. They were then shown pictures of common yoga or martial arts poses and asked to write a series of instructions using these words for other groups to follow to get them into those positions. They then had to demonstrate them to the  other groups; some very interesting results in some cases.

The day finished with an extremely detailed quiz on all parts of the human body that had been covered. It was an  absolutely fascinating experience to be able to see literally inside the body, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all those students who attended; you were superb!