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National Enterprise Initiative Launched At President Kennedy School

 The National Enterprise Charity chose President Kennedy School to launch its high profile national campaign to entice young entrepreneurs to generate profit from a £10 investment.

The initiative called “Tenner” is the UK's biggest and most exciting enterprise competition where students are lent £10 at the beginning of May to start off their business venture.  At the end of May students have to pay back the loan and donate £1 of their profit to the local charity Zoë’s Place.


 Year 8 Gateway students were invited to attend a presentation by  entrepreneurs  Adam Taylor  and 
former President Kennedy student, Amrik Bhabra, who chairs the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Krishan Chauhan and Javid Alim have already thought up a business idea of running a model car club in school at lunchtimes and a tuck shop selling healthy snacks. They appeared in the local press alongside Mrs Petrak, Amrik Bhabra and Adam Taylor.