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Top 2% for Academic Progress Nationally!

Mr Thomas has received official confirmation that based on our outstanding GCSE results this year, students who attend President Kennedy School now make more academic progress than 98% of other schools in the country.

September data indicated that the school was at least within the top 5% for academic progress, but the official analysis, conducted by the Fischer Family Trust, confirms that President Kennedy School has exceeded all expectations and are within the top 2% in the country.

The data, which was released on 15th October, is based on the levels of academic progress made by students from their entry to senior school in Year 7 and the level reached at GCSE at age 16. According to the report, students at President Kennedy School make “significantly higher than expected” progress.

Mr Thomas commented, “This is extremely positive news. We are extremely proud of what we achieve here at President Kennedy School. We work tirelessly to ensure that every student in our care reaches his or her potential. We are all about building brighter futures at this school and the outstanding progress our students make proves this.”

Established in 2001, Fischer Family Trust has been working successfully with local authorities and schools to provide high quality performance data to support target setting and self evaluation. Currently, 100% of LAs in England and Wales subscribe to FFT with virtually all schools accessing FFT data through FFT Live (FFT’s online reporting system), FFT databases or through LA generated data packages.