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Sunshine on Sherbourne

It was glorious weather and high spirits all round for the 9th annual History project at Sherbourne Fields Special School. This year’s project was particularly poignant as it marked the beginning of our commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War One. For the staff and students involved, the Sherbourne Fields Project is always a challenge and a fun way of learning about history whist  taking responsibility for other young people with a huge range of learning difficulties. Like every other group to have been through this project, the class of 2014 found that it has provided them with lasting memories.

In a truly action packed week, the range of activities provided was extensive. Our students performed two plays to teach the Sherbourne students about key aspects of the war. Our students also demonstrated their abilities to teach others through singing and story- telling.

We even got the opportunity to practice our skills as field nurses. Having created a trench scenario on the playing fields, Mr Finney kept sending “soldiers” back to the tent for emergency repair work. They were suffering from a variety of  ailments, from gunshot wounds to trench foot and gas poisoning.

We also helped prepare a huge celebration feast for the armistice, which was followed by a treasure hunt. While some were preparing the food, others used their ICT skills on the green screen at President Kennedy School to put themselves in a variety of trench situations. Others were involved in a reconstruction of the famous Christmas Day truce and football match of 1914. After the Peace Picnics, various awards were given recognising the achievements of those involved in the project. Student, Priscilla Yiadom said: “I loved being able to relax with the Sherbourne Fields kids after the Awards…you couldn’t help but feel really sad to be leaving.”

We hope this will be the start of many opportunities for our students, and indeed the wider community, to reflect on the legacy of World War One and hopefully contribute to our commemoration of the key moments of the conflict.