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Paving aProfessional Pathway

In Post 16 I have been studying Business and Maths and I am interested in accountancy and finance. Last month, I had a Work Experience placement at Dafferns Accountants so I could familiarise myself with the industry. Recently I was given the  opportunity to apply to Grant Thornton which is the 5th biggest Accountancy firm in the world. 

In the application process I had to fill in many documents about myself, my interests and my academic achievements. Grant Thornton contacted me about wanting to  interview me further in person. Last Wednesday I visited their  office in  Birmingham. I was interviewed for 45 minutes and gave a presentation about their company for 10 minutes. Last Friday, they contacted me telling me they were impressed and wanted me to work with them for 2 weeks. This is a huge opportunity for me for many reasons. When I leave Post 16 I would like to go onto a school leaver programme with a big accountancy firm. A school leaver programme is similar to an apprenticeship, however I would work full time and they would pay me. They would also put me through a degree or training courses, allowing me to become qualified and guaranteeing  me with a career I am interested in. I’m extremely thankful for such a huge opportunity.

- Thomas Rotheram  (Year 12 Student)