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Year 7 On A Mission To Mars

A group of Team Brunel Year 7 Students took part in a day designed around the theme of “Mission to Mars”. The students began by researching important information about Mars, and then testing balloon rockets to see how the amount of air affected their speed and distance travelled.

They studied aerodynamics, and used light gates to calculate the speed of their rocket design to allow it to move as fast as possible. Having designed something to travel to Mars, the students had to ensure it could land safely. They designed a system to land a raw egg from a top floor window without breaking, and then tested Martian soil samples for different chemicals they had earlier researched. Finally, they looked at how to generate oxygen to allow humans to breathe on Mars.


 Huge thanks to Miss Knas and Mr Keddie for running this successful event. The students really enjoyed the activities and learnt a lot.  Zohaib and Aashish (year 7 students) said: “Today was a fantastic day because of the wide range of activities, which taught us a lot of things which we didn’t know. It was fun!” Anum said, “I had a fabulous experience today by learning fascinating facts about Mars and taking part in exciting experiments”.