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Year 8 High Attaining Students Spend A Day Exploring Genius Inventions and Discoveries

Budding scientists in year 8 have spent a day in the labs working on a series of stretching experiments designed to challenge their assumptions and foster their curiosity for all things scientific.

The cohort worked through a series of challenging chemical and physics experiments including extracting and isolating DNA from kiwi fruit, generating electricity with magnets and coils of wire, electroplating (copper plating metals), constructing a zoetrope to explore early moving pictures and the persistence of vision and making plastic out of milk.

The day was designed specially for the group by Mr Darby and was led by Mr Farrell and Mr Keddie.


Students Kim Phaler and Priya Sidhu commented, “we enjoyed the zoetrope best because it was interesting to see how our brains want to see things in a certain way. We are now interested whether animals’ brains behave in the same way.”

Bradlee Subhan and Teerasak Mairoddee said, “making plastic from milk or polymers was our favourite, partly because it was disgusting but we have never done anything like this or would even have thought of it. We would like to know what things could be made from other foods.”

Zakk Holroyd added, “It’s been good having a go at more practical work. It’s more fun than just working out of books but you also learn a lot more. The career I want involves understanding chemistry.”

Lucy Tinkler  agreed that practical work was a good way to learn; “I really enjoyed the experiment where we extracted DNA. Learning like this helps me understand in greater depth and it’s good to see how science is applied in reality” she said.