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Students See Mathematics In A New Light

On Wednesday this week, the entire school was immersed in the world of mathematics. The day was organised  and led by our outstanding maths department and involved a number of engaging and brain stimulating activities which challenged our students to apply and extend their numeracy skills. We were joined by maths academics from Oxford, Coventry and Keele Universities, who led some stunning learning activities during the day.


Activities included, collecting sports data for statistical analysis, discovering mathematical theorems With a juggling academic from Keele University, calculating reaction times in science experiments, manufacturing products using shape, space and measure,  a lecture in quadratic
equations from Coventry University‚Äôs Maths Faculty,  using ratio and proportion to create non
alcoholic cocktails,  problem solving with The Puzzle Company and inspirational numeracy
workshops for younger students lead by our Post 16 A level Maths students.