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Alumni Awards 2013 Guest Speaker: Mark Wood, Polar Explorer

 At the end of term, students who graduated in 2012-13 from year 11 and year 13, gathered to celebrate their achievements and receive their GCSE or A level examination certificates. This year’s guest speaker was Mark Wood, a Polar Explorer from Coventry. He delivered a fascinating talk including a video on his travels. His message was that students should find what they love doing and pursue this on their life journey. The atmosphere was full of excitement as our alumni students, many of whom have finished their first term at university, were re-united at this wonderful event.

 Friends were re-united and treated to a special President Kennedy School homecoming celebration. Our past students were presented with certificates and awards on the stage by College Leaders Mr Mort and Mr Farrell, Mr Thomas and Mark Wood.

After the ceremony, Mark Wood posted this message on his mobile site:

“A personal thank you to the wonderful hardworking inspiring teachers at President Kennedy School for hosting the awards tonight and to the awe inspiring students who are about to head out on their own adventures in life. Find something in life that you feel passionate about and run with it.” Mark Wood Explorer