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Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Putting Our Year 7 Catch Up Funding To Work

In 2018-19 President Kennedy School received £32,380 Year 7 Catch Up Funding and the forecast figure for 2019-20 is estimated to be £36,000.

· Over the last 12 months, staff from the Bridge (our year 7 college) have been working in partnership with 4 of our local feeder and Trust schools. This has focused on targeted interventions in literacy and numeracy across Years 5 and 6. This has also provided specialised professional development for primary colleagues. Strategies include focused writing and grammar and targeting students at greater depth and pupil premium students. Through working in partnership with primary colleagues on average 90% students in Year 5 and Year 6 made progress within one term.

· In the Bridge, catch up funding has been used for targeted interventions, This has included a foci on Fresh Start, Guided Reading, writing and spelling. This year we have introduced three new additional interventions: Nessy Programme (spelling); Lexonik (reading) and Rockstars (numeracy). Each of these programmes have proved to be incredibly successful. Overall, outstanding progress was achieved at all thresholds in English and Maths. In English over 83% achieved age related expectations and in Maths this figure was 85%.

· Impact of interventions:

1. Fresh Start 90 % of children finished the programme (including 71 % PP);

2. 1:1 Daily Readers: Average gain in months: 14.6; PP average gain in months: 14.2

3. Nessy:

               86 % of children have a positive rate of progress in spelling.

               I. Average number of words learnt spelling: 287

               II. Average number of words learnt reading: 535. PPchildren:14

               III. Average number of words learnt spelling: 281

               IV. Average number of words learnt reading: 509

4. Times Tables Rock stars: 87% of students are 5% quicker in answering question           up to 12X12 compared to the start of the scheme.

5. Accelerated Reader: 61% increased Reading age through programme

6. Lexonik: on average, 42 months increase in Reading age