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Year 6 – Journey to The Bridge

Year 6 - Journey to The Bridge Video.....Meet the Team!

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Please click on the link below to browse through our Welcome Pack.


Virtual Tour of The Bridge! 

Dear Parents/Carers and our New Year 7 Students,

We are excited to launch our new “Virtual Tour” of President Kennedy School and The Bridge. We hope that you enjoy it too! Join us as we guide you around our school building and see lots of people that you will get to know over the next few months.

We cannot wait to show you around in person, but for now we hope that this will help you feel part of The Bridge family. The Bridge Team.

Click the link below to start your journey! 

Virtual Tour of The Bridge!

Our 3D School

Click on the link below to experience “Our 3D School”.

This will let you explore the ground floor and includes a tour of The (Year 7 area). You can also see the canteen, main hall, technology and music rooms.

We are currently working to add more of the school to this ongoing project.

                            Link to The Bridge page:                               

The Bridge