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What Our Students Say

Hello my name is Solomon and I went to Parkgate Primary School.

"PRIDE is embedded in the ethos of President Kennedy School. Throughout my time at the Bridge, I have demonstrated pride through my self -control and discipline in my learning. I have shown respect to other people through using my manners. Whilst being part of the Bridge, I have been involved in lessons through contributing working together positively as a team. The Bridge has allowed me to become very determined with always having positive behaviour both in school and out in the community. All year, I have shown excellence in all of my lessons, especially PE which has been noticed by my teachers."

My name is Kai and I went to Whitmore Park Primary School.

"This year in the Bridge I have been given the opportunities of a life time! One of the great things I have done this year was go to Sheffield University which is a specialist university for people who would like to work in the NHS or become a doctor. I have also had the opportunity perform in the Year 7 production ‘Aladdin’. I was the genie with the blue face! For me this was a great experience and I hope you follow in my footsteps. I have also been in the Year 7 rugby team and was also asked to play in the Year 8 team. At this outstanding school you will get the experiences of a life time!"

Welcome! My name is Iylah and my primary school was Holbrooks.

"I have had an outstanding experience in the Bridge. Before, I was very nervous but I have gained more confidence as I have been involved in a lot more. For example: I performed in the Year 7 production of ‘Aladdin’ and am a proud member of the whole school production called ‘Legends and Divas’. Also, I have been part of STEM after school every week. I had the amazing chance to go to the University of York which I really enjoyed. There are always fascinating trips on offer."

Welcome. My name is Ajla and I went to Joseph Cash Primary School.

"Moving up to President Kennedy School was a massive step for me to take. However, as soon as I started Year 7 I made many new friends. I created a strong bond with the teachers in the Bridge and also my classroom teachers as they are all incredibly kind and make learning fun. I have been involved in many clubs such as football, cheerleading, and dance. My proudest achievement was when I performed in the Year 7 production of ‘Aladdin’. The Bridge offers lots of exciting opportunities for all students to thrive which makes us all feel like we belong."

Hello my name is Lilly and I joined from Holy Family Primary School.

"At the start of year 7 I was really nervous about starting secondary school because of it being a big step from primary school but after the first few weeks I had made loads of friends and was enjoying all the fantastic lessons. The Bridge has offered me many amazing opportunities. One of the most phenomenal opportunities I have had was being in the Year 7 school production, ‘Aladdin’. This was really fun and gave everyone a big confidence boost in performing. I was also in the fantastic whole school production ‘Fame’. In terms of lessons, project groups have been my favourite because I was able to do pewter casting in Design and Technology."

Hello my name is Reagan and I went to John Shelton Primary School.

"Before I came to the Bridge at President Kennedy School I felt very nervous as it was a big leap and I did not know what to expect. However, to be honest I settled in very quickly. I have been offered a lot of unique opportunities for example going on university trips, playing for the football team and being able to have an extra session of P.E. The Bridge has a lot to offer such as: public speaking, archery, rugby, cricket, basketball and tennis."