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Miss Meyrick is now a Published Author for the University of Warwick! 

We are thrilled to announce that one of our Teaching Staff has been chosen to have a research study on literacy and reading motivations published in the University of Warwick Journal of Education. Miss Meyrick is an English    teacher who is also responsible for High Attaining  and Literacy Development in The Bridge. She collaborates with local primary schools to ensure that we get to know our future Bridge students. In addition, she supports the delivery of enrichment programmes aimed at improving and stretching students’ communication skills through a variety of enrichment.

‘I am very passionate about encouraging reading and promoting it as high-profile throughout President   Kennedy School.  With this in mind, my research study primarily focused on increasing students’ reading motivations through rewards. This was a short-term study over three months – over the course of the first two months, rewards were put in place, however during the third month there were no motivations at all. The study predominantly looked at how students’ motivation to read changed throughout the three months.

Not surprisingly, students’ motivations were at the highest during the first two months. Despite there being no rewards in the third month, the results indicated that a small number of students continued to read with no extrinsic motivations in place, which highlighted that there had been some impact on students’ intrinsic motivations to continue reading even when there were no rewards in place.

Through conducting this research study, it has positively contributed to the subject field and to President Kennedy School as it has offered a  potential approach for increasing students’ reading motivations which hopefully will increase their reading abilities and ultimately their reading progress over time.’ 

Congratulations Miss Meyrick!