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Year 7 3D Maze Making on Show

Year 7 students have been making 3D mazes as part of their Computer Science lessons.  They used Google Sketchup software to produce the 3D mazes and then used in-built camera features to produce a video walkthrough of their maze. Each one was themed and students produced mazes with themes such as super heroes, horror movie and circus themes.   

Mr Moorcroft, Bridge Progress Leader

“Making mazes is fun and I enjoyed it because it was a SketchUp plan in 3D design and it helps me with my computer work. I hope I can work in computers in the future because of this.”

Mason Kyle, Year 7 Student

“I built a maze in SketchUp for the Year 7 project. I really enjoyed doing this because you can be as creative as you want. I built a compact maze with loads of dead ends to confuse the people. You could even print pictures of your choice onto the walls of your maze.”

Matthew Smith, Year 7 Student

These mazes will be on display in the Bridge at lunch and break times.







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