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President Kennedy School Runs Its Own General Election 

This week President Kennedy School has staged their own mock election to coincide with the General Election complete with voting on Thursday 8th June.   Our election included 5 different parties and each one had to create and publish a party manifesto. The 5 parties comprised; West Orchards Party, Cathedral Party, Sky Blue Party, Herbert Party and Godiva Party.

"It has been really interesting to witness how opinionated our students have been during the election and how many feel that younger people should have a say in their future.  What is good about the mock election in school is that all the parties names have been changed so students are voting according to which manifesto they prefer, rather than family or friendship bias."

Mr Moorcroft,   The Bridge, Progress Leader

"I think this is such a fantastic opportunity for the students to be able to be a part of and involved in gaining an understanding of how an election works. This gives them confidence to voice their opinion to make valuable contribution to society."

Miss Connelly-Jones, Teaching  Assistant