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Retail Detail

Year 8 students had the opportunity to visit the Arena Shopping Park to learn the science behind running a successful shopping centre. With the growth and popularity of internet shopping it is especially important that shops do their up most to attract shoppers to spend their money in traditional brick and mortar shops.

As it is Easter time Shoaib Khan noticed that the shops were full of images of eggs, rabbits and flowers. The shops were decorated in soft pastel colours to celebrate the arrival of spring.

 Amy Pratley saw that the clothes shops had the latest outfits from the Spring and Summer fashion collections giving shopper tips on what to wear when the weather starts to get warmer.

Students saw for themselves some of the marketing techniques shops use to encourage you to spend more money that you intended to. Now thanks to this trip students like Christian Handy, Katie Gore, Macauley Rogers and Ebony Ouwehand  have become “savvy shoppers”, giving them life skills which will prepare them for their adult life.