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KS3 Boys Basketball Team Crowned Coventry Champions! 

President Kennedy School KS3 Boys were crowned Coventry champions with a breath-taking performance and victory over arch rivals Grace Academy. We raced into a 7-0 lead in the first quarter over a very strong Grace outfit with Favour Akinolu Habib Balogun Devontay Amresh Monender Singh and Ryan Clarke playing strong defence showing speed and quality finishing on offence. 

The 2nd quarter was a much tighter affair with coast to coast basketball being played at a frenetic pace. Nasim Sherif, Dawid Azaka Daniel Webb and Daniel Cobbett were among the changes made and their input was invaluable as Grace threw everything at them but they stayed strong on defence.

The 2nd quarter ended 11-9 to President Kennedy School. The 3rd quarter started the same. Grace had most of the possession but we matched them in every department with the quarter ending 15-15.

It was clear that every President Kennedy School player was giving 100% effort and coupled with skill Grace Academy could not shake us off. Year 7 player Oliver Capewell came on and showed how much potential he has not being intimidated by the bigger and older Grace players and did not take him long to get used to the pace of the game and game tactics. Two quick baskets by President Kennedy School at the start of the last quarter settled us down and we kept the ball for long periods in an effort to see the game out. Grace scored a 3 pointer on the buzzer but it was too late for them.

President Kennedy School won 19-18 to become champions of Coventry. Excellent performance lads and much deserved after a great season. MVP was very difficult to choose as every player was exceptional....however Habib Balogun was here there and everywhere and scored some very important baskets.