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Raising Aspirations Day

Raising Aspirations Day allows Team Brunel students to experience topics outside of the curriculum at either GCSE or A-Level standard taught by a variety of teachers. 

Students experienced the following sessions:

Today we learnt about the Ancient Greek language and the Binary Code.  I believe I was very inquisitive and have enjoyed the day.” – Bradley Gostick

Today has been so fun and educational, I loved it! It is a great day for anyone; I wish I could do it all over again.  I learnt so much from Feminism to Coding.” – Cole Wilson

Today has shown me the History of Art, WW1 Coding, Romanticism and the Spanish Civil War – all of which I would not have had the chance of learning without today!” – Sanil Panchal

Today all I felt was exhilaration.  I was very happy that I was learning new things.” – Yusuf Kusum

Today was all about known and unknown subjects, some of which I hadn’t got a clue even existed.  I have gained a new outlook of interests.” – Ismail Rafique

 “It was really innovative and a new experience. It gives a look into different areas that we haven’t delved upon as Year 7.  This was a great day and I hope we have more.” – Arzaad Uwisekhan

It was an amazing experience.  It gave me a good opportunity about other things I could learn about in the next few years.  Hopefully we will do this again!” – Isma Nissa

It was an inspirational day and motivated us all” – Nida Mansoor





                                       Miss Meyrick, Assistant Leader of Literacy and Higher Attaining