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Victory for our Public Speakers

On Friday 27th January 2017, three students, Grace Moongo, Andrew Colledge and myself, went to represent President Kennedy at the Rotary Youth Speaks event which took a great deal of preparation.  We spent hours and hours of our own time rehearsing with the wonderful Mrs Arnett who was there to help and support us throughout everything!

Knowing that the event was getting closer day by day, we did lots of run-throughs and rehearsed most days saying the same speech over and over and over again!  As the competition drew nearer things were getting intense by the minute.

On the evening of the competition, we arrived at Bablake and found out that we were first to speak. 

We were so incredibly nervous but once we started our speech on: “Animals in Sport: Our pleasure in Expense of Their Pain” we felt amazing as if nothing could stop us!

We then listened in the audience to the other seven schools.  We were supportive and interested in their speeches too.

We found out the great news at the end of the night—WE WON!  We were astounded and now we are through to the next round on Saturday 4th March!

So straight back to rehearsals to prepare and practise so that we can win again!

                                                                                                                             By Miriam Clark