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Enterprise Challenge with IBM

The aim of the day was for year 8 students to learn about IBM and how their employees use their enterprise challenge skills in the world of technology, coding and communication.

In teams students had to design, an app which solves a communication problem, market it, and present the idea to a panel of IBM employees.

Team KENs (Georgia Edwards, Ella Luisi, Dillon Hayer, Emad Amrani, and Yaasir Warsame ) idea was a translation app for emails so you can communicate with anyone around the world.

Team Exo (Kyle Thomas, Lewis Hanna, Abbas Hussain, Aaryan Sehgal and Hadyn Lloyd)idea was also a translation app, but this one could save messages, so important meetings and deadlines are not missed

After a lot of discussion the panel of judges awarded team Exo as having the best commercial product.

Robert Clancy from IBM said “I have enjoyed the day, the pupils have shown great skill and effort in challenging me and developing ideas, a great day, thanks”.

Ella added “I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and I have learnt a lot more about enterprise which will really help me with my future career choices”.

If Yassir Warsame could summarised what he has learned at IBM in one sentence he would say “Be yourself and do not be shy, thank you IBM, Enabling Enterprise and Mrs Petrak”