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Students Use SMART Application at STEM Event

“Discovery Club” students were invited to attend a STEM event at City College, where students could take part in a range of exciting activities based around “SMART” applications. This is what they had to say.

I really enjoyed the science stem trip. There were many fun activities but my favourite one was the guess how old you are, what dog do I look like and what celebrity do I look like? It was very funny and shocking when it said that Mr Dalton looked like he was 65. I was shocked when it said I looked like I was 28. On the celebrity activity, the computer app said Mr Dalton looked like George Clooney and then it said he looked like Brad Pitt. The computer app said that I looked like Rico Rodriquez. 

The stem science trip, has been a very good experience and I hope to attend more trips like this”.                                                                                                Simran Bains Year 7

‘Dash’ is a Bluetooth robot that kids can programme. For example you can make it flash it’s lights. ‘Dash’ is also useable on a smartphone. In my opinion, this was the best activity because it involved new skills and technology”.                                                                                                                                    Yadunanthan Ravikanthan Year 7

On another table there were a set of laptops, where you had to guide a robot through a course by pre-programming the steps it needed to take. It took a while to get the hang of it. I found it really entertaining and it really got your brain working”.                                                                                                  Harry Kavanagh Year 7