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New School Build - Latest News! 

We are very excited to see the new school building progressing.

The exterior cladding is well underway with the red brick facing giving a smart finish. We are currently finalising the position of the school name and logo and we are also keen to see ‘Building Brighter Futures’ in lettering on the outside of the school.

The Main Entrance at the front of the school which will be for staff and visitors and the Student Entrance on the left hand side of the building are now visible. Inside we can now see where the Hall, Drama Studio and Lighting Gallery are positioned and there are now classrooms with walls, windows and ceilings. The windows are huge and offer lots of light and some stunning views!

The Bridge is located on the ground floor, with the large ‘Heart Space’ as we have now; the Gateway is on the First floor and Post 16 Study Centre on the top floor.

Years 9, 10 and 11 will be located on the first and second floors. The Library can be seen, overlooking the new dining area and the Science labs on the top floor are starting to take shape.

There is a separate Sports Block with Sports Hall, Fitness Suite and Dance Studio with mirrors and barres.

We will be keeping the existing Sports Hall and Swimming Pool.

We are ordering lots of new furniture and are also up-dating some of the ICT and sports equipment ready for the new school.