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President Kennedy School Embark on a New Business Partnership Programme 

As part of President Kennedys continuing commitment to give students a valuable insight into the world of work we have created the Business Partnership Programme.

Each Year Group (7 -11) will be “partnered” by a large well-known local employer who will come into school and work with students around the different careers areas that go together to make their company successful. Some of the organisations will also be working with students on specialist projects within their business area.           

      Year 8 Business Partnerships – SEVERN TRENT WATER

Mark Smith (Learning and Development Advisor) from Severn Trent Water held an assembly this week to introduce the organisation to Year 8. He explained where our water comes from as well as the different career areas which go to form the second largest water company in the UK.

Severn Trent now have a display board within Year 8 and are planning to come and work with groups of students on water related projects and activities.

Students will have the opportunity to meet Severn Trent apprentices (some of whom used to attend President Kennedy School) and we are looking at potential visits to Severn Trent offices and reservoirs. Other activities will include Skype interviews with employees who have different Job roles and have come from different education pathways (for example apprenticeships and graduate schemes)

Students will also be looking at Corporate and Social Responsibility which covers topics such as ‘how does the second largest water provider work with other countries who don’t have access to clean water?’.

We are really looking forward to working with Severn Trent and  the other partnership organisations.

Year Group Partnerships

Year 7 – Coventry University (4th largest employer in Coventry)

Year 8 – Severn Trent Water

Year 9 – Manufacturing Technology Centre

Year 10 – CITB (Construction Industry Training Board)

Year 11 – Coventry City Council                                      

                                                                                                            Mrs Rawlins, Leader of Careers



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