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Post 16 College Form Council Scrutiny Board 

The Post 16 Council has been given the very important role of becoming ‘youth scrutinisers’ for Coventry City Council under the guidance of Cllr Rachel Lancaster.

This is the first time a school in Coventry has been given this opportunity and will give our students a valuable insight into local government and also allow them to voice their opinions on a range of local matters.

The scrutiny work is meant to make sure everyone can see the Council acting and making decisions properly. The youth scrutiny board at President Kennedy School will:

* Play a part in developing a council policy 

* Review council services 

* Make sure the council is acting efficiently and effectively 

This is an exciting opportunity for our Post 16 Council and one which they are relishing in the coming months.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shazmeen Bi, Post 16 College


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