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City Traders at MHA MacIntyre Hudson Birmingham

Year 8 students learnt about the enterprise skills needed to be successful stock market traders after visiting MHA MacIntyre Hudson in Birmingham.

A UK top 20 firm of accountants which specialise in core services ranging from Audit and Assurance to Tax and VAT consultancy.

Working with Enabling Enterprise, teams “Hard Working Real Deal” William Dillon Gray, Rajan Dehal, Hollie Elliott, Danhyal Ali, “ Dealership Trust” Lillia Dapaah, Alysha Sadhra, Jake Docherty, and “ Marvellous Money Makers” Riadeep Dhillon, Haydn Lloyd, Rebecca Skipworth, and Usman Mahmood, had to use their problems solving skills to make decisions on how best to invest a client’s money on the stock market.

Students had to present their ideas to the MHA financial audit team, explaining their journey of the day’s trading. Once the trading floor had closed, they had to report back to the judges their financial decisions.

The stock market proved to be very jittery, and share prices fell as well as rose in price as confidence in the markets changed. However the most successful, creative team who considered the pros and cons on each financial decision was “ Hard Working Real Deal”, who made a profit of £4.5 Million.

Riadeep Dhillon said:

 “I loved the adrenaline rush when the share prices were announced. It was a great experience. It has really made me realise some of the other career paths that I can take. A great big thank you to Mrs Petak, MHA and EE for this incredible experience”.