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Enabling Enterprise Master Class with Year 8

Working with ‘Enabling Enterprise’, Year 8 students had an Enterprise Master class where they learned and practiced skills they need in school and in life to be successful.

Students developed their skills of Aiming High, Problem Solving, and having a Positive Attitude in a fun and engaging way.

Amy Paull, Education Associate from Enabling Enterprise had this to add:

This week, a group of year 8 students worked in partnership with Enabling Enterprise in a skills reflection session. This was an exciting opportunity for year 8 to test out some of their enterprise skills and reflect on top tips in using these skills.

Enabling Enterprise’s mission is to ensure that all students leave school equipped with the enterprise skills, experiences of the world of work and aspirations to succeed. The enterprise skills were developed as a set of eight skills, combining what employers are looking for and the skills that had been shown to unlock learning.

Year 8 students were really enthusiastic in sharing their ideas and reflecting on how to develop these skills over the next few weeks. They were even able to link them to the school’s values and showed confident communication throughout the session.

Thanks to Mrs Petrak and Year 8 for inviting me in to work with them. I am looking forward to working with President Kennedy School throughout the year with our first enterprise trip coming up next week.

Mata Dudkiewicz said from this master class she will  "...always try to be the best version of  herself...".

Spencer Fisk added he has  learnt to "...stare defeat in the face and learn from your mistakes..."