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Year 8 Attempt to Break a Literary World Record!                                                                                                  

On Friday 24th June, Year 8 had a fantastic opportunity to make the record books… Literally!

From 9 am the whole of Year 8 took part in the ‘Largest Reading Lesson’. This was an official Guinness World Record attempt organised across 75 schools through the ‘National Book Day’ organisation. The aim was to have the most participants reading the same text at the same time.

With Mr Lane acting as Master of Ceremonies and our ‘independent adjudicators’ (witnesses, pictured bottom right with organiser Miss Price, and Mr Lane) poised and ready, Year 8 took to the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.

They all had to read the first chapter of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’: a chapter revolving around Voldemort… riveting stuff!

It’s pretty cool to be part of a Guinness World Record. The chapter was really enjoyable and I definitely want to read the rest of the book!”                                                                                                                                                   Owen Dudley, Year 8 Student

With looks of intense concentration that would warm the heart of any English teacher, Year 8 fully entered into the spirit of the challenge and were absolutely fantastic! The final official count of participants from President Kennedy School was 241. We are sure that if the other 74 schools taking part have a similar number of participants, we will completely smash the current record of 3059!

A huge congratulations to Year 8 and many thanks to all involved who helped the attempt to happen without a hitch!