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Last week a group of Year 9 students participated in a project co-ordinated by the Warwick Arts Centre called ‘Play Code Share’.

The focus for the week was to learn some of the key elements required for programming in a creative way. These were taught using traditional programming exploration using processing. This element was delivered by a digital artist, and combined dance which was delivered by a non-digital artist.

The aim was to embed these key elements with a creative approach to prepare students for GCSE Computer Science.

The students were exceptional in the way they participated and embraced this innovative approach to computer programming.                 Mrs Matharu, I.C.T

Comments from students:

"This project was a really fun and unique experience. I really enjoyed the physical concepts we learnt through dance as they helped me with my programming."

"I enjoyed this project very much. I liked the way we learnt through movement to learn key programming concepts and playing games to learn how to write pseudo code."

"This project has shown me that programming complex programmes isn't difficult."

"The project was great fun and gave me an excellent experience about programming"