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Inspiring Art, Instilling Pride!

Year 9 student Amy Cox started painting the pictures featured above at the end of last year as a special request from Mr Clayton.

When coming up with the ideas, she knew she wanted to rework the well known PRIDE statement, so instead of the usual meanings behind the acronym, she changed it to: P for Peace, R for Remarkable, I for Inspire, D for Dream, and E for Education. She painted these portraits of people who have become well-known around the world for their humanitarian acts.Therefore she has reworked the acronym which is related to the achievements and their contributions to our society.

However, two of them are of people of whom you may not recognise: Callum Wilson (Remarkable) and Bally Gill (Inspire). Callum Wilson is a Premier League football player for Bournemouth, and Bally Gill is the first ever Asian actor to work for the Royal Shakespeare Company and had the lead role as Romeo in a recent adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The two were educated at President Kennedy School and were taught by some of the teachers you see every day; this just proves that ‘Kennedy Kids Can!’