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‘Greek Tragedy’ Workshop with the University of Warwick

On Friday 5th October, Year 7 students had an amazing opportunity to participate in a workshop linked to their English curriculum on ‘Greek Tragedy’ which was delivered by Dr. Morgan from the University of Warwick.

Students learnt about Aristotle, his theories on tragedy and how they could relate this to their study text, ‘Antigone’.

                                                 Miss Meyrick, Higher Attaining in the Bridge

Here are some comments from our students:


"During the session, we did a variety of activities linked to ‘Antigone’. We studied Greek theatre and it was amazing finding out what it was like in this era." Zara Shah

"We had a wonderful session learning about Antigone and Ismene as characters. We were able to discuss Ancient Greece and use our knowledge from lessons to support the work done during this workshop. I would love to be involved in a similar session again!"  Sienna Diaz

"We had a unique experience from a lecturer from the University of Warwick who came to speak to us about ‘Antigone’. It was really interesting to find out more about Ancient Greece and Amphitheatres." Madeleine Birch

"I really enjoyed the workshop because we got to learn more about Greek terminology and Aristotle’s theory." Franklin Maumbe

"It was very interesting to see what the theatre was like in Ancient Greek times, how plays were performed, as well as learning about the different elements of Greek plays too." Millanpreet Grewal