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Future Market Traders

90% of employers focus above all on the attitudes and aptitudes that will enable graduates to be effective in the workplace. "Education and Skills" - CBI 2017.

Bearing this in mind, all Year 8 students had the opportunity to develop their essential soft skills effectively, by making decisions about how to spend a client’s money as a Stock Market Trader.

Students had to consider and learn about the world of finance/trading and the skills of teamwork, problem solving and listening needed to succeed.

Working in teams with ‘Enabling Enterprise’, students had to invest £25,000 for their client Dr Taylor, on the stock market. Dr Taylor wanted her stock broker to make her as much money as possible in just one day of trading.

The stock market proved to be very jittery, and share prices fell, as well as rose in price as confidence in the markets changed. However most teams were very successful and made a profit, one team made over £1 Million profit in one day!

Mrs Petrak, Leader of Enterprise

Ciara Flaherty said:

"I have learnt about the stock market and how to buy shares. I also learnt about the importance of teamwork. I have had a really good experience and have enjoyed learning how to use money wisely. Thank your Enabling Enterprise for coming into our school".

"I have learnt that the prices of shares go up as well as down". added Aaliyah Ansar