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  • Exclusive Sports Scholarship Scheme Launched at President Kennedy School

    Published 21/11/18

    On Friday the TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) was launched at President Kennedy School in conjunction with Sport England and Coventry University.

    We are only 1 of 16 schools in the country who are offering this scheme. The scheme will run for this academic year and will involve ten pupils from our sixth form. The students will receive a number of workshops based at school or at Coventry University, focusing on their student and athlete development.

    Last Friday saw the pupils getting an inspirational talk from Jamal Pelgrave, who is a student at Coventry University and is also part of the Great Britain Judo squad. There was also a focus on the pupils health and well being.

    It promises to be a really exciting and interesting scheme for all the pupils involved.                                                            Mr Garlick, P.E Department


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    Published 14/11/18
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  • World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) WCSQM Assessment Centre 2018 – a unique process

    Published 12/11/18


    As part of our on-going role as an accredited World Class School, President Kennedy School is delighted that four of our Year 12 students are now operating as official assessors for the World Class Schools Quality Mark accreditation process.

    WCSQM has been accrediting OFSTED outstanding secondary schools in the UK since 2014 using a framework of skills and competencies that young people need to flourish in an emerging global economy. This year, sixteen secondaries, seven primaries and two special schools made it through to the assessment centre stage where students were given the challenge of working together to develop the Riverbank Academy school grounds in Coventry to promote accessibility, independence and a love of learning for their students. They achieved this by redesigning and renovating the 16+Hub area, sensory garden and main reception entrance.

    A powerful aspect of the process is that applicant students are assessed by students and staff, drawn from schools who are already World Class. The assessors, which included Zohaib Malik, Isha Patel, Caidie Samra and Reyna Sandhar from President Kennedy School, shadow each applicant student during the process, and assess students’ performance, teamwork and materials produced against the WCSQM framework. This gives the student assessors from accredited World Class schools a chance to refine their already outstanding skills. This included analysis, project management, communication and diplomacy, and gives students being assessed access to World Class role models.

    Year 12 commented that they have found the process a very stimulating, sometimes challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. They were required to observe and monitor the applicants through the entire process from the pre-event planning, research, and design work through to the practical work on the day where they completed their challenge, creating display boards, furniture, decoration and learning and relaxation spaces for students, taking into account practical, environmental and learning considerations. Evaluating the work of teams who were sometimes struggling with organisation and time-management was a test of their own leadership skills.

    As assessors, Isha, Zohaib, Caidie and Reyna will receive a WCSQM assessor qualification; all student assessors are entitled to bespoke references from WCSQM for life, and the best student assessors are short listed for the WCSQM Individual Achievement Award, the winner of which is announced at the WCSQM Awards Ceremony.

    "The student assessors blew me away. They are just operating at the highest level of competence." Alex Green, Schools Programme Manager at Ashden LESS CO2.

    "Our assessor programme means World Class students can develop their skills to a professional standard. Staff find out about the best things other World Class schools do. It’s an invaluable process. " Bronwen Tumani, Assessment Manager, WCSQM.





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  • President Kennedy School Sports Awards 2018

    Published 06/11/18

    On Wednesday 17th October, President Kennedy School held it's annual Sports Awards.
    Two players from Coventry Rugby Club were present to hand out the awards with over 200 parents and students in attendance to celebrate another successful sporting year.
    Below are a list of the winners from this years awards.






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  • Disability Sports Day at Xcel Leisure Centre

    Published 06/11/18

    Year 12 Btec Health and Social Care students had the opportunity to participate with a Disability Sports Day held at the Xcel Leisure Centre in Canley.
    The experience had students getting involved with students with various disabilities during a sports day, and to ensure they would have an unforgettable day.

    When walking towards the sports hall, the idea of caring for another individual who had special needs, made me a little aprehensive about my volunteering placement. Although I was feeling nervous, it was comforting to know that my class mates were feeling the same way.

    As we entered the sports hall, we met with the students who had various disabilities. They began to jump and smile with excitement on seeing the equipment laid out in front of them.

    During the day, we kept scores, helped with games such as ‘Connect Four’ (many of the students were not able to place the counters inside the grid), observed them playing darts and simply made sure that they were okay and were happy. Our intention was to help them have a fun filled day.

    I had an amazing experience when interacting with the students, talking about everyday situations as we would speaking to our peers. It brought to my attention that we can be a little judgemental without understanding the needs of others. We all have the same desire to be happy and enjoy our lives. Our different qualities make us unique and define us.

    I cannot express my appreciation towards my teachers Ms Rooke and Miss Miller for such an amazing opportunity. – Aliyah Saghir

    This experience was one of the best I’ve had this year. Before going there, I was really worried because I didn’t know how confident I'd be with the students, but as soon as we got there I found it so easy to support them and I learnt that no one should be underestimated. – Sharon Agyekum

    Spending time with the disabled students was amazing. It made me aware of the different areas of work that I could look into in the near future and also helped further develop my skills; I would gladly do it again – Amy Moore

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  • The place to go for a World Class education

    Published 16/10/18

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  • Inspiring Art, Instilling Pride!

    Published 16/10/18

    Year 9 student Amy Cox started painting the pictures featured above at the end of last year as a special request from Mr Clayton.

    When coming up with the ideas, she knew she wanted to rework the well known PRIDE statement, so instead of the usual meanings behind the acronym, she changed it to: P for Peace, R for Remarkable, I for Inspire, D for Dream, and E for Education. She painted these portraits of people who have become well-known around the world for their humanitarian acts.Therefore she has reworked the acronym which is related to the achievements and their contributions to our society.

    However, two of them are of people of whom you may not recognise: Callum Wilson (Remarkable) and Bally Gill (Inspire). Callum Wilson is a Premier League football player for Bournemouth, and Bally Gill is the first ever Asian actor to work for the Royal Shakespeare Company and had the lead role as Romeo in a recent adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The two were educated at President Kennedy School and were taught by some of the teachers you see every day; this just proves that ‘Kennedy Kids Can!’        


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  • ‘Greek Tragedy’ Workshop with the University of Warwick

    Published 16/10/18

    On Friday 5th October, Year 7 students had an amazing opportunity to participate in a workshop linked to their English curriculum on ‘Greek Tragedy’ which was delivered by Dr. Morgan from the University of Warwick.

    Students learnt about Aristotle, his theories on tragedy and how they could relate this to their study text, ‘Antigone’.

                                                     Miss Meyrick, Higher Attaining in the Bridge

    Here are some comments from our students:


    "During the session, we did a variety of activities linked to ‘Antigone’. We studied Greek theatre and it was amazing finding out what it was like in this era." Zara Shah

    "We had a wonderful session learning about Antigone and Ismene as characters. We were able to discuss Ancient Greece and use our knowledge from lessons to support the work done during this workshop. I would love to be involved in a similar session again!"  Sienna Diaz

    "We had a unique experience from a lecturer from the University of Warwick who came to speak to us about ‘Antigone’. It was really interesting to find out more about Ancient Greece and Amphitheatres." Madeleine Birch

    "I really enjoyed the workshop because we got to learn more about Greek terminology and Aristotle’s theory." Franklin Maumbe

    "It was very interesting to see what the theatre was like in Ancient Greek times, how plays were performed, as well as learning about the different elements of Greek plays too." Millanpreet Grewal


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  • Future Market Traders

    Published 10/10/18

    90% of employers focus above all on the attitudes and aptitudes that will enable graduates to be effective in the workplace. "Education and Skills" - CBI 2017.

    Bearing this in mind, all Year 8 students had the opportunity to develop their essential soft skills effectively, by making decisions about how to spend a client’s money as a Stock Market Trader.

    Students had to consider and learn about the world of finance/trading and the skills of teamwork, problem solving and listening needed to succeed.

    Working in teams with ‘Enabling Enterprise’, students had to invest £25,000 for their client Dr Taylor, on the stock market. Dr Taylor wanted her stock broker to make her as much money as possible in just one day of trading.

    The stock market proved to be very jittery, and share prices fell, as well as rose in price as confidence in the markets changed. However most teams were very successful and made a profit, one team made over £1 Million profit in one day!

    Mrs Petrak, Leader of Enterprise

    Ciara Flaherty said:

    "I have learnt about the stock market and how to buy shares. I also learnt about the importance of teamwork. I have had a really good experience and have enjoyed learning how to use money wisely. Thank your Enabling Enterprise for coming into our school".

    "I have learnt that the prices of shares go up as well as down". added Aaliyah Ansar















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  • Year 12 have a Virtual visit to CERN

    Published 10/10/18

    On the 3rd October Year 12 Physics students were given a virtual tour of CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research).

    The scientists from CERN linked up via the internet to give the students a lesson in Particle Physics which was followed by a question and answer session. It was really interesting and students really enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions to research scientists.

    Mr Ratcliffe, Teacher of Science and STEM

    "It was interesting learning about the scientists talking through their jobs and the diagrams and maps helped our understanding of how the Large Hadron Collider works"

    Thomas Peters,Year 12

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  • 2020/21 Coventry Term Dates Consultation

    Published 03/10/18

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    A city wide consultation on term dates is taking place.  

    Please see both options in the attachments at the bottom of this page.

    The link below is the survey regarding the consultation on the 2020/21 term dates and will close 2pm Wednesday 31st October.                                         


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  • STEM Club contributes to the Imagineers Festival

    Published 02/10/18

    Since June, the STEM club has been working tirelessly on the Hupla project for the Imagineers Festival.

    They were given 250 hula hoops to design in any way they wanted. They decided on making the hoops with the school logo on and with gold ribbon around the edges. It was a lot of work but the students managed to get it all completed in time for the ‘Imagineers Festival’ which ran from the 17th-22nd September where the final sculpture was displayed in Coventry Cathedral.

    A special thank you goes to Arup who designed the project and got us involved!

                                                       Mr Ratcliffe, Teacher of Science and STEM

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