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Our Staff


Leadership Group

Mr PJ Thomas Headteacher
Mr N Clayton Associate Headteacher
Mr S Toor Deputy Headteacher (President Kennedy School)
Mr C Jupp Deputy Headteacher (The Futures Trust)
Mr R Beattie Assistant Headteacher  (Support & Guidance)
Mrs J Bircher Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Ms S Rooke Assistant Headteacher (T&L and Specialist Schools)
Miss E Kirby Assistant Headteacher
Mr N Mort Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Townsend Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Z Dhanani Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Wood Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Fogarty Acting Assistant Headteacher


Subject Leaders

Mr M Boxall Leader of Geography
Miss C Birch Leader of Science
Mr J Channer  Leader of Music
Mrs Z Dhanani  Leader of Mathematics
Miss K Gallagher Leader of Photography
Mr D Finney Leader of History
Mr A Fogarty Leader of Business Studies
Mrs B Hughes Leader of Religious Education
Mrs M Matharu Leader of Information Technology
Mrs M Minvielle Leader of Design and Technology
Ms S Domican Leader of Girls’ Physical Education
Ms V Roberts Acting Leader of English
Mr M Sayed Leader of Art
Mr S Sinclair Leader of Boys’ Physical Education
Mr D Taylor  Leader of Sociology
Miss E Timms Leader of Health & Social Care
Miss C Williams Leader of Modern Foreign Languages