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    About Us

    Building Brighter Futures

    At President Kennedy School everything we do is focused on Building Brighter Futures for our students, our staff and our Community. We are proud of our “no barriers” approach to education, ensuring children of all abilities and from all backgrounds are encouraged to set high goals and work hard to achieve them.

    We work together in a productive and challenging manner to provide a vibrant and engaging learning environment that ensures every student achieves his or her potential. This school is about ensuring our students feel supported and happy. If students are happy they will flourish and achieve.

    Our school endeavours to achieve its aims by encouraging:

    • High academic attainment
    • A caring environment where all individuals are equally valued
    • A thirst for study and investigation
    • Respect for the beliefs, opinions and needs of other people
    • The ability to work independently and with others
    • A sense of fairness and responsibility
    • Pride in oneself and our school
    • An appreciation of art and culture
    • Pursuit of a healthy lifestyle
    • An awareness of issues that affect the world including the environment
    • The professional development of our staff
    building brighter futures

    I hope you enjoy exploring our website and getting a taste of our wonderful school. Why not make an appointment to visit us and see for yourself how we are Building Brighter Futures.